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Our challenge:
Empower all with future-ready skills

In the new post-COVID world it is more important than ever to upskill and reskill people for the jobs of the future.

The global economy is projected to shrink 4% as a result of the pandemic and the need for up- and re-skilling is more critical than ever as global employment markets experience heavy disruption.

Equitable opportunities for employment are inaccessible for many across the globe, making economic mobility out of reach for those who need it most.


Vulnerable Women

Vulnerable women comprise over 30% of the unemployed population in Portugal.





Individuals from Black and South Asian ethnic backgrounds living in the UK experience an unemployment rate of over 8%, more than double the national rate.



& Refugees

Nearly 50% of unemployed individuals in Switzerland are migrants.


Unemployed Workers due to COVID-19 related layoffs

As a consequence of COVID-19, the unemployment rate in the Netherlands nearly doubled to 5.9%, compared to 3.4% in 2019.


Single Parents

22.5% of single parents in Germany are at risk of in-work poverty.

The opportunity:
A growing demand for tech-skilled talent in Europe

While the pandemic has created massive job losses, it has also accelerated the digitalization of our economy, and, consequently, the widespread demand for tech-skilled talents. 

  • 1 in 5 enterprises in the EU employ IT specialists

  • 53% of enterprises reported challenges in meeting their hiring needs.

  • According to Linkedin’s 2020 Emerging Jobs report, IT-related roles dominate the top 10 fastest growing jobs in Europe, including Customer Success Specialists, IT Security Specialists, and Data Protection Officers. 

The future of work has arrived, and at INCO Academy it is our mission to to advance access to sustainable economic futures for all.


Our mission



Europe's digital transformation is accelerating and the world of tech offers enormous possibilities - all that's required is the curiosity and drive to learn.


Our INCO Academy - Work In Tech program is committed to empowering all people with the tools, resources and opportunities to ensure that everyone across Indonesia - in every state, region and community - can find their place in the emerging economy of tomorrow.

Locations: Greece, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy & Luxembourg.

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