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Your Path to a Career in Cybersecurity

Everyone’s talking about cybersecurity, but where do you begin? With our free, online mentorship and certificate program for women, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge, in-demand skills and supportive community to help advance your career in tech’s fastest growing field.

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Course Highlights

Free of charge

Beginner level - No relevant experience required

For women based in France, Greece, Spain, United Kingdom & Ukraine.

Mentorship and support from industry experts and trainers

Industry-recognised certificate of completion

Flexible schedule: learn at your own pace

What will you be able to do?

Through our online, career-readiness program, you will:


Gain Essential Industry Knowledge

Learn how to perform critical tasks to help businesses protect their sensitive data. We will teach you not only the necessary knowledge and practice, but how to think like an cybersecurity expert, too.


Grasp New Technologies

Benefit from hands-on experience with industry tools like Python, Linux and SQL. Through webinars and peer-to-peer sessions, you’ll discover how teams collaborate to achieve their goals.


Land A New Job

Through one-on-one mentoring, we’ll help you develop a personalised action plan to get the job. With access to a database of available jobs in Europe, our cybersecurity HR community will help you demonstrate your skills and nail the interview. 

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What will you learn?

Our top-class curriculum -- designed by Google and delivered on Coursera -- allows you to learn through a variety of hands-on assessments which simulate real-world cybersecurity scenarios.

Course 1: Foundations of Cybersecurity

Explore the fundamentals of cybersecurity, guided by Google's cybersecurity experts, as well as the key skills of entry-level cybersecurity analysts.

Course 2: Play It Safe: Manage Security Risks

Deep dive into key risk management concepts including threat identification, and the use of security frameworks and controls to protect business operations.

Course 3: Connect & Protect: Networks and Network Security

Discover how to safeguard against cyber threats, including vulnerabilities recognition and the implementation of firewalls, system hardening, and virtual private networks.

Course 4: Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL

Learn to navigate and manage file systems using Linux, while also mastering the art of user authentication as well as data retrieval and manipulation.

Course 5: Assets, Threats & Vulnerabilities

Cultivate an attacker's mindset, practice threat modeling, and acquire strategies to proactively address security breaches.

Course 6: Sound the Alarm: Detection and Response

Master the incident response lifecycle, responsibilities of response teams, and analyze network traffic using packet sniffing tools.

Course 7: Automate Cybersecurity Tasks with Python

Gain hands-on proficiency in Python programming specifically tailored for cybersecurity tasks to enhance code readability and practice debugging.

Course 8: Put It to Work: Prepare for Cybersecurity Jobs

Refine essential skills for cybersecurity professionals, including incident escalation, ethical operation, and effective communication with stakeholders.

Upcoming Course Dates

United Kingdom





Applications closed

Applications close

March 22, 2024

Training begins

2nd week of

February 2024

Applications close

April 19, 2024

Training begins

2nd week of

Apri 2024

Applications close

May 17, 2024

Training begins

3rd week of

May 2024

Applications close

May 10, 2024

Training begins

2nd week of

May 2024

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Why Cybersecurity Matters

In 2022 the shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the EU ranged between 260,000 and 500,000. Cybersecurity is not just an IT concern; it's a fundamental business imperative. 


With the increasing digitalization of our lives, protecting sensitive information and privacy has become a top priority. By joining the cybersecurity workforce, women play a pivotal role in addressing industry challenges, closing the gender gap in technology, and shaping a more inclusive and secure digital world.

Am I 

This program will be made available to 1,000 candidates across our 5 focus countries.


The Google Cybersecurity Certificate is available in English, Spanish & French. For those taking it in English, we recommend applicants have sufficient English-language proficiency (B2) to ensure they can complete the program.

If you're interested in switching careers to cybersecurity and feel that this program can benefit you, we encourage you to apply.

How is our program different?

Gain in-depth knowledge.

Build portfolio-worthy projects and solve real industry problems while you learn. With our flexible learning model that works, you'll be able to show recruiters your well-rounded skills to advance your career.

Flexible Learning That Works

Follow the online course material at your own pace and get support from our active online community.


Guidance Every Step of the Way

We're in this together and we’ll guide you through each step. Supported by topic experts, you’ll learn the right thing at the right time, all in one place.


Complete Career Readiness

You’ll be prepped to enter the job market with confidence and land your job in no time with our interview workshops, networking opportunities and more.

Ready to take your first steps towards

a career in cybersecurity?

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Our Partners


The Women4Cyber Mari Kert – Saint Aubyn Foundation is a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting, encouraging, and supporting the participation of women in the field of cybersecurity.

INCO Academy

INCO Academy aims to give everyone the ability to learn the skills to succeed in the digital economy. Since our founding, we have helped thousands around the world unlock technical skills and reach their full potential through tech. It is more important than ever to upskill and reskill people for the jobs of the future, to ensure equitable opportunities can be accessed by all., the philanthropic arm of Google, supports nonprofits that innovate to address humanitarian issues. supports pursuits that can have measurable impact on local, regional and global issues, and rallies Google's people in support of these efforts with a singular goal of creating a better world, faster. At we seek out and support organizations who are innovating and using technology to combat the world's biggest challenges.

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