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To achieve our objectives to provide tailored solutions in each local context, INCO is looking for local implementing partners across 17 countries in Europe who are experts in delivering similar training & employment activities.

Does your organization share our mission to empower learners who face barriers to employment? Join us and let’s co-create better employability pathways for vulnerable individuals in your communities. 

Partner organisations will work with INCO to:

Design the learner journey and manage implementation of  local program operations, including recruitment and selection of scholarship recipients

Coordinate the recruitment and selection of scholarship recipients.

Identify and engage qualified IT experts as tutors, mentors, and instructors for learners.

Coordinate online and offline instructional support from experts via virtual classrooms, mentoring, study groups, meetups and other technical assistance.

Provide wraparound support services to compliment learning journey e.g.  psychosocial support, language classes, work readiness training to remove potential barriers to completion.

Contribute to the network development of potential employers to improve job opportunities for graduates.


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